The International Islamic University Malaysia

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The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) is the only Islamic university which uses English as its medium of instruction and administration since its inception. It blends in a creative and harmonious fashion the modern and professional disciplines with traditional values and moral virtues.

Right from its inception, IIUM has made vigorous efforts to ensure that it provides the best tertiary education possible in all branches of knowledge. It employs accomplished scholars for its academic departments and appoints committed professionals to run its administration. Its facilities are modern and up to date, befitting a University which strives to be a world class provider of knowledge.
IIUM has five different campuses which house 17,000 students and 3,000 teaching and administrative staff members. In all, about 120 countries are registered in IIUM.
Graduates from IIUM are admired for their diligence and abilities not only in the organisations they work, but also in universities throughout the world where they have gone for further studies. This is no doubt due to their high academic achievements, language skills, and international exposure. Since 1987 IIUM has been producing about 3,000 graduates annually.


Major areas of study  

The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the humanities and the natural and technical sciences. There is currently more than 40 degree programmes being administered by twelve faculties, or designated as “Kulliyyahs”, three centres, and an institute. These courses are available under their respective areas of study, namely:

– Architecture and Environmental Design,
– Dentistry,
– Economic and Management Sciences,
– Education and Human Development,
– Engineering,
– Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences,
– Laws,
– Medicine,
– Pharmacy,
– Science,
– Allied Health Sciences,
– Nursing,
– Information and Communication Technology.

IIUM also offers executive programmes through its centres of excellence in Management and Business Administration as well as Laws.

To date, IIUM has secured collaborative links with various foreign/local institutions and organisations towards achieving its mission of internationalisation. Currently, more than a hundred Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) have been signed and finalised for various fields and aspects.

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